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SE Regional Callers

I am often asked about other local callers in the SouthEast region who are available for gigs and willing to travel. All of the following callers are great for one night stands, weddings, parties, funerals, and dances of a local nature.

Area Name Email Phone
AL: Huntsville Gary Nelson 931.732.4293/931.652.4479.
FL: Orlando Alice Milmoe 407-884-9514
FL: Tampa Dana Parkinson 813-293-1443
GA: Atlanta Rob Harper 404-525-6858 / 404-307-3444
GA: Atlanta Andrea Nettleton 404-713-1543
GA: Atlanta Janet Shepherd 770-939-8646
GA: Atlanta Doug Singleton 404-373-7861
NC: Asheville Diane Silver 828-298-7084
NC: Asheville Margaret Matthews

NC: Charlotte Dean Snipes 704-361-6387 / 704-784-9847
NC: Triangle area Bree Kalb  
SC: Columbia Lesly Bowers 803-727-3363
SC: Greenville Keith Cornett Eustis (864) 719-0096
TN: Chattanooga Vicki Herndon  
TN: Memphis Martha Kelly 901-278-1216
VA: Blacksburg Shawn Brenneman 540-239-4086

Bands not on the Circuit

Exciting bands suitable for dance weekends

Seth's favorite bands you might not have heard of but should be hiring:

(in no particular order)
Name Members Phone Email

The Mean Lids

(Urbana, IL)

Ben Smith: fiddle, baritone fiddle, banjo

Miriam Larson: flute, jaw harp, vocals, guitar

Matt Turino: guitar, feet, fiddle

(217) 778-8877



Jane Rothfield: fiddle

Sarah Gowan: guitar, foot percussion

Allan Carr: bass

Bill Quern: tenor banjo, mandolin, melodeon, 5 string banjo, harmonica


Joe DePaolo: percussion


The Free Raisins

(Boston, MA)

Audrey Knuth: fiddle

Amy Englesberg: piano

Jeff Kaufman: mandolin, trumpet



(AZ & KS)

Dave Firestine: mandolin, bouzouki

Robert Rosenberg: guitar, banjo

Claire Jamieson Zucker: bodhran, vocals, clogs, calling

Alice Boyle: fiddle


Uncle Farmer

(San Francisco, CA)

Ben Schreiber: fiddle

Mike Sokolovsky: guitar


Ladies at Play


Miranda Arana: flute, foot percussion

Shanda McDonald: violin, accordion

Kathy Dagg: guitar, bouzouki, mandolin, tenor banjo


(TX, SC, AL)

Andrew Levin: fiddle

Robin Behn: flute, penny whistle

Wayne Hitt: keyboard

Shawn Webster: percussion
The Sevens
(cross country)

Mark Roberts: flute, banjo, electric guitar

Sarah Blair: fiddle

Sam Bartlett: mandolin

Stuart Kenney: bass, banjo

Mark 'Pokey' Hellenberg: percussion, banjo-uke

(206) 365-3585



(Seattle, WA)
Dave Bartley: mando, guitar
Anita Andersen: piano
Deb Kirkland: fiddle
(Also check out the band KGB!)


National Talent

Seth's favorite bands you probably have heard of, and are worth hearing again and again!

(in no particular order)

The Synchopaths

(Los Angeles, CA)

Ryan McKasson: fiddle

Jeff Spero: keyboard

Christa Burch: bodhrán and vocals

Bill Flores: mandolin, banjo and guitar

Avant Gardeners

Laura Light, fiddle, vocals

George Paul, piano, accordion

Ben Schrieber, fiddle

Dave Bartley, mandolin, guitar, cittern, etc.

Perpetual e-Motion


Ed Howe: electric 5-string violin, BOSS RC-50 loop station

Jone Cote': guitar, didgeridoo, mandolin, fiddle, foot percussion

(207) 592-4488


(Chapel Hill, NC)

David DiGuiseppe: Accordion

Rodney Marsh: sax, flute

Bernie Petteway: guitar (lead and rhythm)

Diane Petteway: piano


Ed Butler: percussion

Sara Romweber: percussion

Moving Violations
(Western Mass)
Van Kaynor: fiddle
Ron Grosslein: fiddle, mandolin
Becky Ashenden: piano, accordion, feet
Chuck Corman: bass, guitar, percussion
The Groovemongers
(NY, & RI)
Rebecca McCallum: fiddle
CW Abbot: mandolin
Jane Knoeck: piano & accordion
Mark Hellenberg: percussion
(585) 426-1332



Julie King: piano

Claude Ginsburg: violin, concertina, viola

Dave Bartley: mandolin, guitar, cittern, etc.
Lift Ticket
(nee: New Balance)
Rex Blazer: fiddle, mandolin
Seth Houston: guitar, piano
Brian Perkins: bouzouki, tenor banjo, mandolin, feet, vocals
(New England, WA, OH, & IA)

Eden Macadam-Somer : fiddle, guitar
Larry Unger: guitar, banjo
Sam Bartlett: mandolin, jaw harp
Mark "Pokey" Hellenburg: percussion, banjo uke


Ralph Gordon, bass

Bill Tomczek: sax, clarinet, other